ASETNIOP Chrome Extension

In response to the recently announced Haptix Project’s intention to use the ASETNIOP keyboard as part of their operating system controls, I put together an extension for Google Chrome that allows users to practice ASETNIOP on a more casual level – you can use it when filling out various text boxes and such, and it’s easy to activate and deactivate.

Here’s the link:

Instructions are included and should launch automatically when you download and install it.

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  • Archie
    September 28, 2013 - 4:32 am | Permalink

    I installed it and is fun to use it sometimes while working on my Mac Book Pro. It’s easy, and I quickly reached speed above 35 wpm. I like Asetniop, and I would love to have the full working app, finally replacing the boring old qwerty keyboard, on Mac and in particular on iPad. Are you still planning on producing something shortly? When can we expect to find it in the App Store? Is there an installable beta version that can fully replace the standard keyboard? Thanx.

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