ASETNIOP Plays All Your Favorite Classical Hits

One of the reasons why ASETNIOP has so much potential as a keyboard replacement is that it can be used on any device that has at least ten buttons (keyboards, sensor-equipped gloves, etc.) or any device that can be configured to have ten buttons (touchscreens, gesture-recognition devices, etc.).  The most recent addition to the family of available platforms is the piano.  If you’ve got your computer set up to receive MIDI input from a piano/synthesizer, you can use ASETNIOP to jot down song lyrics or messages or anything else without having to dedicate desk space to a QWERTY keyboard and make the cumbersome switch back and forth between the two.

In order to run ASETNIOP through your browser, you’ll need the jazz plugin, which can be found here and should work with any major browser.

To give it a try, you can make your way through the tutorial, or if you’re already familiar with how ASETNIOP works, you can jump right in with the basic text editor.

To show what’s possible, here’s a video of the method in action:


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  • mathom
    February 6, 2014 - 9:42 pm | Permalink

    I can’t seem to get this working on my Mac. I’ve tried both Safari and Chrome browsers with no luck in either. The presence of the Jazz plugin is detected and the pop-up of MIDI interfaces is correctly populated, but it doesn’t sense any keys. Any ideas of where to start looking for a solution?


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